Living By His Lifelong Motto

“In order to truly succeed, it’s never about you, but what you can do for others.” Bruce Cairns has been living by this motto his whole life. After graduating from medical school at the University of Pennsylvania, he joined the U.S. Navy and served 19 years as a commissioned officer. In the mid-90s as a […]

A Student Startup For Maternal Health

Preeclampsia is the second leading cause of maternal mortality around the world. Carolina and Duke students are working to combat Preeclampsia in developing countries with a new early-detection test and the launch of a startup, MoyoMedical. “As far as we know, this is the only home-based detection mechanism,” said Denali Dahl, a doctoral student in […]

A Spring Break of Service

“There is only one nurse practitioner. There is no physician in Tyrrell County.” Since 2009, Vicki Mercer, an associate professor of physical therapy in the UNC School of Medicine, has taken students — studying either physical therapy, nursing or public health — to Tyrrell County, one of the poorest and most rural counties in the […]

Knowing No Borders

“If I can give the world another 10 or 20 years worth of Veatrice Harris, that makes me feel pretty good.” Thomas Shea — a professor in the UNC School of Medicine and medical co-director of the UNC Bone Marrow Transplant and Cellular Therapy Program — became a doctor because he thought it was the […]

Drug delivery device toxic for tumors, not patients

“We use the device to hit the primary tumor hard. It’s an exciting approach because there is so little systemic toxicity that it leaves room to administer additional drugs against cancer cells that may have spread in the rest of the body.” — Jen Jen Yeh, M.D. Associate Professor, UNC School of Medicine Pancreatic cancer is deadly. But a […]