Owning This Place

“When I zip up the gown and put on my cap, I’m going to feel like I own this place. All of the hard work that I’ve put in for the last four years are worth it. Every late night, every tear, every call back home to my mom, all of them are going to […]

Navy SEAL Dreams Drive Carolina Wrestler

“The stars aligned, and I found out that, yes, I did in fact want to serve my country in some capacity.” As a senior in high school, Thomas Singley knew he wanted to attend Carolina, but he also knew he didn’t want to impose a financial burden on his family. So he came to Carolina […]

Walking Together

  “I want people to know how incredible this department is…” Tim Calhoun should be dead. His son, David ’18, struggled with college. They took different paths, at different schools — Tim at NC State and David at Carolina — to an academic convergence in the UNC/N.C. State Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering. They both […]

A Student Startup For Maternal Health

Preeclampsia is the second leading cause of maternal mortality around the world. Carolina and Duke students are working to combat Preeclampsia in developing countries with a new early-detection test and the launch of a startup, MoyoMedical. “As far as we know, this is the only home-based detection mechanism,” said Denali Dahl, a doctoral student in […]

A Spring Break of Service

“There is only one nurse practitioner. There is no physician in Tyrrell County.” Since 2009, Vicki Mercer, an associate professor of physical therapy in the UNC School of Medicine, has taken students — studying either physical therapy, nursing or public health — to Tyrrell County, one of the poorest and most rural counties in the […]

On being student body president

“I had the privilege of helping an older alumna fulfill her dream of jumping over the fire to celebrate [winning the National Championship]. To see the passion for Carolina that she still held so deeply was so powerful and inspiring. I hope to one day be that alumna with that same passion and dedication.” Savannah […]